Does A Loft Mounted TV Aerial Work

14 January 2016

One of the questions we are often asked at Aerial Satellite Link is, does a loft mounted TV aerial work? And the answer is… Maybe! There are many variables and factors that need to be taken into consideration when fitting internal loft mounted TV aerials.

  1. Local signal strength
  2. Roof construction
  3. Property alignment to TV transmitter
  4. Property and TV Aerial Height

Whilst there is no magic formula, all the above need to be taken into account.


Local Signal Strength

Go to the digital UK website and enter your details, this will give you a good indication as to the signal strength in your area. For internal loft mounted digital TV aerials you will need strong, or very strong signal to work properly.


Roof Construction

All types of materials affects TV signals to a degree. Slate roof tiles are more acceptable to RF than bricks and blocks. Metal prefab houses will be difficult to keep a stable signal if at all possible. One of the worst materials to affect TV signals is aluminum insulation panels found in most new builds.


Property Alignment To Transmitter

When fitting a loft digital TV aerial, you will need to align the TV aerial to the correct transmitter. Again, you can find this information by going to the Digital UK website. Depending on line of site, by pointing the TV aerial through the roof tiles as opposed to the gable end, will improve signal strength and quality. This isn’t always possible depend on property alignment to transmitter.


Property And TV aerial Height

Installing any type of digital TV aerial, height is always a good factor and will improve signal strength and quality in most cases. For internal loft mounted TV aerials, this will also applie and help improve signals. If you live in a town house, the signal will most certainly be stronger than if you live in a bungalow surrounded by trees and obstructions.


Please Note

Aerial Satellite Link always recommend having your digital TV aerial installed externally, as the quality of signal will be far superior than loft mounted TV aerials.


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